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2023 PlacemakingX Summit in CDMX

In the heart of CDMX, Marcus Guillard, a partner here at LMNL Studio, recently attended the global conversation surrounding placemaking at the inaugural PlacemakingX summit. This experience not only reinforced Marcus's passion for shaping spaces but also emphasized the significance of diverse perspectives in the world of placemaking.

Marcus's placemaking journey commenced in 2007 with the collaborative construction of the Panhandle Bandshell, a project that would set the stage for a series of impactful ventures. From the vibrant Peralta Junction community market in West Oakland to contributions through One Hat One Hand in projects like SF Play Streets and the India Basin tech hub, Marcus has been dedicated to weaving communities together through thoughtful design.

For LMNL Studio, the essence of placemaking transcends traditional public spaces. Whether in private offices, corporate settings, universities, airports, or hospitality venues, our focus remains on understanding and enhancing the human experience. It's about considering the needs, desires, and expectations of those who inhabit or work in a space, ultimately contributing to their health, happiness, and overall well-being.

At the core of LMNL Studio's approach lie several key principles that have been fortified by Marcus's experience at the PlacemakingX summit:

  • Community Engagement: Involving users in the planning and design process is paramount. Understanding the needs, preferences, and aspirations of the people who inhabit or work in a space is essential for successful placemaking.

  • Multifunctionality: Public spaces should serve multiple functions, accommodating various activities and events. Adaptability is key to creating vibrant and dynamic places.

  • Accessibility and Connectivity: Spaces should be easily accessible to people of all abilities and connected to their surroundings, fostering a sense of community and encouraging utilization.

  • Comfort and Safety: Placemaking involves creating spaces that are comfortable and safe. Factors like seating, lighting, and overall design contribute to people feeling secure and at ease.

  • Aesthetics and Identity: The visual appeal and ability to reflect the identity of the community contribute to a space's success. Thoughtful design, public art, and cultural elements enhance the overall experience.

  • Sustainability: Placemaking principles include a focus on sustainability, both environmentally and in terms of long-term viability. Incorporating sustainable practices in design and maintenance contributes to the resilience of public spaces.

Reflecting on the PlacemakingX summit, LMNL Studio is more committed than ever to its mission of creating spaces that enrich the human experience. By embracing the core principles of placemaking and integrating them into diverse environments, the goal is to contribute to the creation of vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable spaces for all.

As we celebrate one year of growth, LMNL Studio and Marcus Guillard invite you to join them in the journey of crafting connections through thoughtful placemaking. In a world where spaces go beyond physical boundaries, the lessons learned from the PlacemakingX summit serve as a beacon, guiding us towards a future where every space is an opportunity to foster community, inclusivity, and well-being.


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