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Jamie Shaw


After an early career as a copywriter and brand strategist, Jamie has spent the past 10 years directing her storytelling energy into multidimensional experience design, preferring to bring narratives to life in the built environment, through sensory and human touchpoints. With a deeply empathetic design process, language-based frameworks, and embedded sensory touch points, she connects audiences through experiences that are evocative and emotionally resonant.

Marcus Guillard


As cofounder of Design/Build Studio One Hat One Hand, Marcus has spent the last 12 years designing and realizing complex spatial visions reflecting the highest level of quality. Working alongside architects like Gensler and Rapt Studio for clientele including Google, Apple, and SFMOMA, his company portfolio showcases best-in-class environments and experiences. A recent interest in spatial thinking for virtual environments led him to create Archai Virtualis, a VR museum of contemporary art. Marcus began his career as a photographer in New York City, working alongside fashion and culture luminaries, Gilles Bensimon, Steven Meisel, and Annie Leibovitz.

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Nick describes his work as designing better spaces for humans. With a robust roster of public art, placemaking, and tech-enabled experiences—as well as a Masters in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology—he specializes in immersive spaces that foster deeper appreciation of community, environment, and each other. Speaking on topics of placemaking, sustainable building, and integrated technologies, Nick has presented at conferences including Creative Placemaking Summit, SF Design Week, and American Society of Landscape Architects. His various ventures have garnered press from New York Times, Scientific American, Vox, and University of Southern California, among others.

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Eduardo Teran


With a Masters in Urban Planning and Architecture from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, Eduardo brings a sophisticated understanding of placemaking and spatial design, which gives shape to all our environmental concepts. Whether devising small-scale or city-wide projects, he has long been driven by the desire to create spaces that enhance and deepen the human experience, bringing innovative thinking to life. He also combines architectural instinct with expertise in spatial digital technology to design augmented and virtual reality worlds as experiments in immersive placemaking, while remaining grounded in the built environment. This dual approach informs LMNL Studio’s ecosystem approach to future places, so individuals can move seamlessly between physical and digital realms.

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